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Rare Clay Polishing Mask

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We've combined three of the most mineral rich clays on earth. From the salt lakes of Siberia to Brazil and back to France, our clays have their own unique properties to bring you a nutrient dense polishing mask.

Our polishing mask differs from an exfoliator. It sloughs away dead skin cells but isn't as harsh and will stimulate and generate fresh layers of skin while assisting with absorbing your nourishing serum and oil treatments.

Add water and lightly massage in circular motions for a refreshed and polished complexion or leave for 5 minutes for a deep clean and detox. Rinse off before it dries.

Receive a complimentary black headband and application spatula with every order.

Detoxifies and exfoliates

Powerful anti-ageing effect

Stimulates blood circulation

Nourishes and brightens

Temporary tightening effect

Reduces pores

Helps inflammatory skin conditions

Plumps skin and fades wrinkles

Mix about a teaspoon with a small amount of water to make a thick paste. Gently massage in small circles for a few minutes to exfoliate or leave for 5 minutes for a deep clean and detox. Remove with warm water while the mask is still damp. Finish with your chosen serum or a deep oil treatment to complete your home spa experience.

A powder mask when mixed with water creates a smooth paste with small grains.

Siberian Blue Cambrian Clay

French Rose Clay

Purple Brazilian Clay

Recommended Usage

We recommend you only use this mask if your skin is free from open skin or inflamed acne.

If using as a mask, we recommend you start with 5 minutes once a week, building up to 15 minutes. Don't wait till the mask is completely dry before washing it off.

Follow with your favourite serum then facial oil.

Blue cambrian clay with Nudiflora logo