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Got a Question? well this page is for you! this page is full of our frequently asked questions, which could answer that question.

Frequently Asked Questions

All of our products are manufactured on the beautiful mid and north coast of New South Wales.

Your skin will become more hydrated as soon as you start using Nudiflora. The longer you use the products, you’ll notice a healthy glow and redness or pigmentation will start to improve. Consistency is the key to achieving results. Your skin creates new cells to replace existing ones approximately every 28 days or longer depending on your age. Be patient and you can achieve a healthy glowing complexion

All our ingredients are safe for all skin types, but some people may still have individual allergies to certain plant botanicals.  Nudiflora is free from known irritants that may cause possible skin reactions. The active ingredients in Nudiflora also work hard to repair and rehydrate the damaged barrier that causes sensitised skin. Please, as with any new product, perform a 24 hour patch test on the inside of your wrist first. Start slowly with each product using every other day then work your way up to twice a day.

Our Dermal Rescue collection is fragrance-free and contains no essential oils.

Our Collagen Rebuild collection only uses certified organic essential oils that have been chosen for their medicinal properties and therapeutic effect on the skin.

Our products are made in small batches to ensure only fresh ingredients are used.

We recommend our products in bottles should be used within 6 months of opening.

Products that are in jars should be used within 3 months of opening. We recommend you use a spatula or a spoon to dispense your product and replace the cap after use. Please keep water out of your jars as it can cause bacteria to grow.

Surprisingly, using a face oil on oily skin can help reduce excess oil production and breakouts. The oils used in our Dermal Rescue collection are therapeutic with anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties that help calm breakouts and control and balance oil production

All of our oils are dry oils meaning that they absorb quickly on your skin. Also they are all low comedogenic which means they have little chance of clogging your pores.

Yes you can but we strongly suggest that you use our Dermal Rescue products for a few months first to help restore and strenghten your skin barrier. If you've been using synthetic skincare or chemically altered natural skincare, you should see results quite rapidly. Then you can start introducing our anti-ageing skincare.

We use minimal but efficient preservatives in our products and all of our preservatives are ECO and COSMOS certified. (The COSMOS and eco standard defines the criteria that companies must meet to ensure consumers that their products are genuine organic or natural cosmetics produced to the highest feasible sustainability practices.)

All but two of our products come in the latest black biophotonic ultraviolet glass. The unique characteristics of this glass filter out damaging rays of the visible light spectrum and allow portions of the UVA and infrared light waves in, keeping the products inside fresher for a longer period of time. Our serums and oils are fitted with serum pumps so you never have to open the bottle to air or light and receive small doses of the product so you can adjust to your liking accordingly. Our Dermal Rescue Cleanser and Traditional Shave Soap come in a black recyclable HDPE bottle as it has a foam pump that can't be produced in glass.

We are very proud to say that every part of our postage packaging is compostable and use soy based inks. As much as possible of the packaging is from recycled material. We urge you to recycle the packaging if possible or dispose of it responsibly by putting it in your green bin or cutting it up for your compost bin.

Our postage is also 100% carbon neutral.